About Us


Wendy Bashford Designs, is a local Durban-based company that designs and sources local fabrics which we manufacture into high quality, beautiful clothing for women.  As normal, natural women ourselves, we understand that a woman's body is made in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our vast range of styles cater to almost every individual body-type and shape.  We strive to ensure that our garments are classic yet comfortable ; bright, bold and beautiful ; easy - as in easy-to-wear ; easy-to-pack ; easy-to-wash and no ironing required.  In keeping up with the trends, we also ensure that our garments are timeless classics.  Our obsession in discovering quality and unique fabrics ; our fanatical attention to detail and overall quality control, ensures that one can wear their favorite garments for many seasons.  We believe that every single woman - no matter her size / shape or height, has the right to look and, most importantly, to feel beautiful.  By emphasizing 'every single woman,' we strive to ensure that our prices are and will remain, affordable.