About Us



The company is owned by Wendy Bashford and Shaileen Johnson.  

We became close friends 25 years ago when we worked (and did a lot of chatting (Shaize) in a Travel Company.  Our friendship grew as we navigated married life, blindly ploughed through (and still are trying hard at) motherhood.  Wendy started up this business and had a couple of rails at a monthly Dbn Market.  Wherever we went, everyone stopped us to ask where they could their hands on our dresses so, in 2015, we decided to 'share the love' and grow 'Wendy Bashford Designs' so that everybody could 'feel beautiful.'

Together, we thrive off the direct interaction we have with our clients, assisting them hands-on with styles and colours.  Being sales people, who can talk A LOT (Shaize) AND the fact that we have 'technologically-averse auras' (Wendy and Shaize) is the reason it has taken us a while to launch our on-line store.  But, finally, here it is ...... and we hope you like it !

We are born and bred Durban locals -and want to keep it that way.  We design and manufacture our garments locally and source fabrics from South African companies only.  We support our local community and use small KZN-based CMT's who are running their own business' whilst simultaneously empowering their staff to run their own enterprises.  

There is nothing fancy or special about us!!  We are normal - (ok, our hubbies would find this debatable) down-to-earth women and understand that "women are like a box of chocolates - you never know what's underneath that wrapping!!"  We strive to offer a style to cater to almost every body-type and shape and we love it when a new challenge walks through the door.


Our simple range is timelessly classic ,yet comfortable ; bright and bold  and EASY - No, that's not referring to us!  As in  -  easy-to-wear ; easy-to-pack ; easy-to-wash and no ironing required - true story!

We are fanatical when it comes to attention to detail and overall quality control, which ensures that one can wear their favourite garments for many seasons.  We believe that every single woman - no matter her size / shape or height, has the right to afford, look and most importantly, to feel beautiful.  


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