Our Ethos

Our Brand Essence is, simply put, to help women to “feel beautiful.”

This may sound so 'obvious,' yet there is so much meaning behind these two words.

We try to embrace all women.  From the young new professionals, entering the workplace for the first time to maturing women, many of whom have a poor self image as their bodies change with childbirth; menopause and the usual stresses we go through on this journey called LIFE!

We love interacting with our customers, because in doing so, we see not only your physical beauty (which you so often can’t see) - but also your inner beauty -  the PERSON that you truly really are!!

Our guiding ethos at WBD is to provide our customer with a garment that is proudly 'South African-made'.  Giving back to the community in any way we can, governs the way we run our business. We source our fabric from local suppliers and our CMTs (Cut, Measure and Trim) are all Durban based. We keep our product 'local' by working with other small local businesses to produce garments of exceptional quality.

We do not mass produce garments and make up limited numbers of each style and print.  If a particular style and/or print proves exceptionally popular, we may consider a rerun but this is restricted to the availability of fabric. 

As a locally based company ourselves, we want to provide as many jobs for our community as we can to work towards an economically strong South Africa.

We recognise the value in integrating ethics, trust and loyalty into our everyday workplace culture. We hope, that when you purchase our garments, they make you feel as fantastic on the inside as they make you look on the outside!

We thank you for supporting our brand and in doing that, supporting all the local companies working with us.